Abe the S500 you sold or I might say you left me driving with gas and food in my stomach made me feel good but at the same time guilty because of the price and service you provided was a steal. God bless you and nothing but satisfaction was the feeling I got at Reliable Car Source. Oh and the ticket from Indy to Chicago was cool. I have never seen it done like this before so keep it up and you will have a lot of satisfied customers. (Jonathan S./2000 Mercedes S500 59K Miles)
 I’ve been looking around at different dealerships for weeks to buy a new car and did not find a dealership that caught my eye until a family friend referred me to Reliable Car Source. The owner took his time to help find me the right car for the amount I wanted to spend. I purchased my 2010 Camry from Reliable Car Source over a month ago and I have not experienced any problems at all and paid less then what most other dealerships are asking for the same type of car.  I will definetely do business with Reliable Car Source again in the near future. (Abdallah A./2010 Toyota Camry SE 45K Miles)
     The car I bought from Reliable Car Source is Ford Mustang (2003) with 55k miles. On Dec 23, I went to Villa Park to see this car. Abe picked me up at the Metra train station. I was glad to find that all his cars were kept garaged and looked brand new. Abe showed me the CARFAX report for the Mustang, and I looked around this car – everything looked great. So I asked to do a mechanic check at Firestone. Then we drove there and did the mechanic check ($21.99), the Firestone guys showed me this car is in a very good condition. Therefore, I decided to buy this car.
Then it came the best part. When we talked about the price, at his office, Abe showed me the price he bought this car and the money he spent making this car better (new tires, painting, detail, etc.), all with receipts. This means he showed the profit he made on this car. Therefore I could see the price I got was pretty fair. I wouldn’t assume every dealer could be so transparent for their customers.
Abe also told me how he got this car initially. He went to a car auction which had 3,000 cars, and he made a list of 20 cars as candidates. Then he tested every car on the list, and finally he brought 3 cars back. So basically, he selected 3 cars out of 3000 cars. Then he worked on them to make them perfect.
On Dec 24, I brought the cashier check to buy this car. Since this would be my first car, and I was not sure how to take care of it and how to deal with tax, registration, and emission test each year, Abe wrote a list for me with details, which is very helpful.
Now I have drove 120 miles on this car, and I felt very satisfied with my choice. My friends all love this car. The first word they come up with is always: “Oh, this car is such new!”
Overall, the car is in excellent condition, and Abe is a very nice, patient and helpful guy. I will recommend the Reliable Car Source to my friends in the future when they want to buy a car. If he has the car model you are looking for, you really should get there and take a look. (Zhenyu Z./2003 Ford Mustang Deluxe 55k Miles)
I really liked the 02 c240 and i drove home with it. clean atmosphere I would definately come back and do more business Thanks Abe *reliable car source #1* (Liban A. 2002 Mercedes C240 124k Miles)
I recently purchased my  Toyota FJ Cruiser from Reliable Car Source , I had been researching this pruchase for several weeks and visited a bunch of dealers all of which could not accomodate my needs in the purchase…. Then i had the pleasure of meeting the owner of RCS and working a deal out in a matter of minutes…. The process was quick and easy and I will be referring everyone I know to Abe at Reliable Car Source!! Thanks again for all of your help!!! (Chris G. 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 64k Miles)
I stumbled upon RCS  while searching for a car for my son. Best thing that could of happened for my son. We drove an hour to go test drive and have a look at the 2003 Nissan 350Z. We were greeted by Abe. Very nice young man who was very helpful when we had questions and best yet he did not try to pressure us at anytime. Ultimately we worked out a deal and my son bought the car. I truly can say that I have never came across a dealership or car sales person like Abe. Thank you very much for the great experience for my son and ourselves. Looking forward to doing business with you again and to sending future business your way. (Nancy M. 2003 Nissan 350Z 62k Miles)
After searching for a luxury vehicle online, we located one at Reliable Car Source.  Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by Abe, who turned out to be the owner of this fine establishment!! The indoor show area was extremely clean & well lit which made viewing the cars all that more pleasant.  We were treated with respect, courtesy and professionalsim.  Our experence was phenomenal…..we walked away actually feeling very good about our car purchase.  It is with confidence that we will be referring business to Abe at Reliable Car Source and we will DEFINITELY be doing business again with him 🙂     (Carmen K. 2005 Mercedes Benz C240 4MATIC 91k Miles)
I have purchaed a lot of vehicles, but this, by FAR, was the BEST purchasing experience I’ve ever had.  Abe was communicative, returning phone calls and emails the same day.  Everything about the vehicle I was purchasing was disclosed to me.  He also worked with my lender to make sure that the transition went smoothly when I arrived.
Upon arrival, he spent a good amount of time going over the features of the new car, and allowed me to take it for a test drive.  The financial portion of the transaction couldn’t have been easier … well organized, and we breezed right through it.
Abe is a very honest man, disclosing everything that he had done to the car and providing receipts for the work that was performed.  
A business like this will go a long way.  I offer my full recommendation!!

After looking for WEEKS at every possible car and having some BAD experiences elsewhere – I had tried craigslist, auto trader, car guru, big dealers, small dealers- I was so happy to find Reliable. They had by far the nicest car for the price and were great to deal with! Abe and Steve- professional, NOT pushy at all and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them! (Conni M. 2002 Honda Accord 102k Miles)


Abe is seriously AWESOME! He was so patient, never pressured, super trustworthy, and remembers his customers (making the car buying experience more personal and less stressful). He never gave me a, “the car will be gone if you leave now” or the “because I like you so much, I’ll give you a deal” lines that most sleazy car dealers use when trying to sell crappy cars.
This guy is as good as it gets and I wish I had found him at the beginning of my car buying process; however, am happy that I met him and that he had one of my favorite cars in his showroom. I am definitely giving his information out, as well as returning to him the next time I need to buy another vehicle.
THANKS ABE! You have turned an unpleasant task into something that was fun, easy, and stress free! You kick butt! (Kim M. 2002 Honda Civic EX Coupe 61k Miles)
After searching for months for the right car, I finally determined that I wanted a Saab 9-3. I found several for the right price but none in the specific trim level I wanted. After very little luck finding what I REALLY wanted, I stumbled on the exact right Saab for a better price than I could have hoped for at Reliable Car Source. I stopped in the next day and fell in love with the car. Abe’s place is NOT your typical dealership and he is not your typical dealer. I hated shopping at the big box car dealerships, and all the little sketchy ones scattered around weren’t much better. RCS is the smallest dealership I went to in my search, but it had some of the nicest cars and THE nicest dealer/owner by far. Buy a car from RCS and you won’t be disappointed. Couldn’t have hoped for a better experience or a better car, thanks Abe! (Jacob E. 2006 SAAB 9-3 Aero 67k Miles)
Abe has made the car buying experience brand new for us especially with us being from out of state, and we’ve been buying cars for 40 years between us. I’d buy from them again, their inventory is great and their everything up front and honest approach is unmatched. We highly recommend them. (Byron D. 01 MBZ C320 74k Miles)
As someone who has purchased over 30 cars in his lifetime, I have a quite a bit of experience working with private sellers and dealers. And I have to say that working with Abe at Reliable Car Source was easily one of my most enjoyable car buying experiences. I was first impressed by the service Abe gave my purchase before he even listed it for sale. Not only did he replace a couple tires and wheel bearing (necessary for a sale I think), but he also had the oil changed using synthetic (a requirement for the car engine, but one thing most dealers would skimp on and hope the buyer never noticed) AND provided me with all the receipts! I’ve never heard of this! Plus Abe is easy to work with: he answered many of my questions over the phone and spent ample time showing me the car. Very impressed and I would recommend Reliable Car Source to anyone! (Eric G. 2008 SAAB 9-3 AERO 59k Miles)
I recently purchased a vehicle from Reliable Car Source and was completely satisfied with my experience from start to finish. Abe (the owner) was helpful, honest, professional and friendly. Here are 3 of the numerous reasons why I enjoyed my car buying experience at Reliable Car Source and recommend buying from Abe. 1. All cars are thoroughly inspected and repaired (as necessary) before Abe will sell them. He is intent on selling a car that is in the best shape possible. I know my car is in top condition for its mileage and year. 2. Abe was very informative without being pushy. It did not feel like I was dealing with a typical car dealer trying to up-sell me for his benefit. Abe knows his cars well and was ready to answer any questions I had but he was not trying to sway me into anything I wasn’t interested in. I found this very refreshing compared to the other dealerships I have dealt with. 3. Abe provides the Carfax at the dealership for all his cars (which saved me the cost of buying them myself). He also shared with me the work he had done on the different cars I looked at. Between the Carfax and other info provided, I know exactly what my car has been through. Overall, Reliable Car Source provided me with excellent customer service, an exceptional product and a price I am very satisfied with. I would like to encourage you to go in and experience this pleasant car buying experience for yourself. (Graham F. 1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe 134k Miles)
I can’t say enough how fabulous my experience with Abe was and trust me I can be a pain in the rear. Not only did I feel I got a terrific car, I had an issue with a valet breaking my key and had to have the dealership order me a new one–the guys at BMW even commented how great of a car I had. Now that’s something. (Melanie Z. 2005 BMW 325I Sedan 95K Miles)


Reliable Car Source organization is one of the most reliable and trustworthy car dealership  that I have ever experienced  throughout whole Chicagoland areas. Based on my car purchasing experience at this dealership, I have to admit that the owner (Abe) of this company knows exactly how to run his business as well as how to make a customer feel very comfortable and respected. Previously I have shopped around at many large dealerships throughout  the ChicagoLand and all of the sales associates and their managers very sneaky and pushy which makes very hard to make the decision as well as sometimes it makes me wonder if I am getting the right deal for my money. On the other hand, at Reliable Car Source, Abe – sales associate is very professional and everything is 100% straight forward without any hidden sides.  Also, all the prices are very reasonable to compare to other car dealerships. So, if you are looking to purchase your next vehicle, I would personally recommend this company. ( Vitaliy S. 2003 Toyota Corolla 103k Miles)
 While shopping for a car for my son, who lives in Los Angeles, we came across an unbeatable car at a great price; low mileage, clean, excellent carfax report. After several conversations with Abe, I could tell right away he was a good guy.
We went to see the listed vehicle, and although it wasnt the right car for my son, Abe showed us another car that ended up being just what we needed and at a great price. He even helped us set up the shipping, which worked out great. The entire transaction was seamless.
Bottom line, Abe is indeed a great guy; his dealership operates on honesty, integrity and hard work; hard to find in any profession but especially impressive in the used car industry.
We had always purchased our cars from a “known” dealership for many years; we won’t be going back to them, we will now purchase our cars from Reliable car source.
Thanks Abe! (Suzan C. 1999 Toyota Camry Le 53k Miles)
DSC05440I was looking for a BMW 5 series and ran into Reliable Car Source on the Internet.  I went down to their showroom and Abe (the owner) treated me like I was ready to spend a million dollars there.  This was after seeing the beat-up car I arrived in.  Other sales people did not take me seriously when they saw my wheels.
Abe treated me with respect, he even helped me to research cars he wasn’t selling himself –which actually saved me thousands of dollars.  I almost purchased a Mercedes E320 that turned out to have been totaled in an accident.  Thank’s to Abe, I found this out.
When I asked if I could take the car to a BMW dealer to be checked out, he agreed immediately and took it to the dealer of my choice.  The car was completely clean inside and out.  I could not be happier with their service and I hope to purchase other vehicles from him for other members of my family.
I recommend this dealer without reserve.     (Elvis R. 2005 BMW 525I 123k Miles)
DSC04152A few months ago I was looking for a Saab 9-3 Aero and I found it on cars.com. I called Abe (the owner of the dealership) and I set up a day to see and test drive the car which I did the very next day. Since I was treated great like I was part of the family I bought the car and now I’m enjoying my ride. If you want a great car and an excellent customer service don’t hesitate to visit Reliable Car Source from Villa Park Peter  (Peter I. 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero 68k Miles)
I came to Abe in search of a new vehicle, and couldn’t have been more impressed with his knowledge and drive to make the right selection for me. His business mindset and willingness to make things happen, even if he didn’t have the exact car that I was looking for, was beyond comparison with anyone that I have worked with prior to. He was able to get me infront of my current BMW, and would recommend anyone to call him for future needs. I will be purchasing another car from him in the future, and look forward to giving him my business. (Joe J. 2004 BMW 330I Sedan 117k Miles)
DSC06915Abe is awesome and I knew within a couple of minutes of meeting him that he was an honest guy with integrity that I could trust. He definitely stands behind his cars and makes sure they are in top shape before listing them for sale. I love the car that I am buying from him and I have complete confidence in it because I truly trust that Abe would not sell a faulty vehicle to me or anyone else. He let me take it out and test drive it for as long as I wanted and didn’t feel the need to ride along like most car dealers do now. Don’t be fooled by the surroundings of this place! Driving up to it my fiancee and I were thinking, “what did we get ourselves into coming here!”. It’s right next to a junk yard which was strange at first, but Abe’s place is really clean and nice. After I decided I loved the car we sat down and he went over all the expenses of the car and he explained that he is truly giving us the lowest price possible. He showed us the actually receipts and documents from when he bought the car from auction and explained that he’s done $400 worth of repairs to it. He actually lost a little bit of money from our transaction because he wanted the car off the lot. I am thankful that I found this place online and I absolutely would do business with him again in a heart beat and I will definitely recommend anyone I know looking for a car to go there. A real 5 out of 5! (Bethany S. 2007 Toyota Camry SE 68k Miles)
 Car buying for many of us can be a hectic, confusing and unpleasant experience. This surely was not the case when we found Reliable Car Source online. We actually enjoying finding a great used car—thanks to the professional treatment given us by Abe Zabadneh, the dealer! I am skeptical and hard to impress when shopping for a car. I come off, I guess, as aggressive, defensive—the kind of customer who wants to let the seller know they can’t mess around with me:)! So I was set to “confront” Abe since I was quite interested in a 2004 Infiniti sedan Reliable Car Service showed online. However, within minutes of meeting Abe across his desk, I felt he cared even more about helping me satisfy my need for a decent used car THAN I DID! My wife and daughter felt the same way, that we could trust Abe with our decision. He was thorough, gave a detailed description of the car, was courageous enough:) to let me get in the driver’s seat and tool around the area. Abe didn’t “sell” us. No, he is a customer-driven pro with a low-key caring approach. He stands out in an industry that surely needs more like him. I would never make a funny “used car salesman” joke around Abe. He exudes class and character and doesn’t need any nonsense as he converts one “sold” customer after another. I recommend Abe’s dealership whole-heartedly and will send family and friends to him in the future for sure. (Jim M. 2004 Infiniti I30 Sedan 57k Miles)
DSC08126The car buying experience I had at reliable car source was amazing! The customer service from the owner Abe and his employee was great. Abe knew a lot about the car I was buying and had all of my questions answered easily. Abe was very professional and honest. He was very fair with the price on the car I was buying. He also gave me a great deal on my trade in! When I test drove the car he let me take it without coming along and was very trusting. Abe got all the paperwork done promptly and went through it all with me. He actually made buying a car a fun experience. The next car I purchase will definitely be from reliable car source. The indoor showroom was very clean and came in handy. He was not pushy at all like most car salesmen. I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. I would also trade in a vehicle to him again in the future since he was so fair on the value of my trade. Abe also washed the car up before I picked it up. ( Jason S. 2005 Toyota Avalon 85k Miles)
lexusWhat can I say.  Reliable and Abe were recommended by a close friend of mine.  I was skeptical as to what Abe could do on my trade in and what I was looking for.  But, I’m always worried about things beforehand.  I am very detail oriented by nature.  I can honestly say my experience was incredible with Abe.  He bent over backwards literally time wise to make sure everything I was looking for was spot on!  We searched for Acuras and Lexus models high and low, finally settling on a mint gold Lexus CT!
I did Chicago radio for B96 there for 8 years and am a 14 year vet.  I now handle afternoon drive for heritage KZZP-FM in Phoenix and I will not ever go to anyone else other than Abe.  I am willing to have him help me locate my next car because not only do I get honesty, I get customer service to the Nth degree.  I did ALL the work for you.  No need to go anywhere else.  Abe and Reliable are the BEST PERIOD.
(2011 Lexus CT200H 14k Miles Julian Nieh aka Julian On The Radio)
Fantastic place of business, run by people with high integrity and STRONG customer focus. I just sold my car to Reliable, after having owned and babied it for almost 10 years. Abe, the owner flew to NY from Chicago and took delivery of it. What a solid guy. After nearly 2 decades of car buying & selling from both, private individuals and dealers, I’ve rarely come across someone so knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with….especially in the automotive business. Abe was a true gentleman and such a pleasure to work with on the transaction. Made everything easy and came fully prepared with all the paperwork, funds and a big bucket of friendliness. Definitely look forward to working with Reliable in the near future, despite the NY-Chicago distance.
I highly recommend Reliable Car Source to anyone looking for a fast and clean car transaction, especially if you live in the area. Thank you Abe. (Frank B. 2004 BMW M3 121k Miles)    
bmwDo you hate pushy car salesman? You know the ones that wanna give you half the price your trade in is truly worth. MEE TOO!! YOU wont find that here at reliable car source. Abe the owner is the top luxury car secondary dealer in the country. Hands down. I trust him more than a dealership!! I bought a 06 bmw m5 and a 10 Audi q5 for a super competitive price and both were in excellent condition. All my friends and family will only buy from him. Advice to others that are in the market to buy a car, trust is everything. Reliable car Source is a place that bases their reputation around that. (Daniel R. 2006 BMW M5 77k Miles and 2010 Audi Q5 76k Miles)
DSC00564So I bought a Bentley online without even seeing it or getting a 3rd party inspection…did I get what I deserve? Nope, the car is in fantastic shape, there have been no problems and everything was exactly as Abe said it was. He made disclosures he did not even need to make. His price was lower than anyone else’s as well. I did research for about 6 months on Bentley’s and even had access to wholesaler auction sites not open to the public. Although my plan was to get a 3rd party inspector when I was serious about buying after speaking to Abe and reading reviews of Reliable Car Source online I felt very confident in him. I also felt very nervous sending a wire transfer for a large amount of money to someone I’ve only talked to on the phone. My doubts were off target. The car arrived via the shipper as scheduled without a dent. He even threw in a free car cover new in the box that he went and bought. I have no reservations about recommending Abe and Reliable Car Source to anyone!     (Michael D. 2006 Bentley Continental GT 27k Miles)